The Do's & Don'ts of Email

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Read these helpful do's and don'ts of emails before you hit that send button to an employer, colleague, classmate, or faculty member.

DO: Personalize

Do not use “hey “or “Yo” for a greeting

DO: Always Check Before Clicking Send

One of the worst feelings is clicking send and then realizing you missed something, didn’t attach a document, or misspelled something or relied on spellcheck. Make sure you are always responding to the person who sent you the email.

DO: Keep Messages Short

There’s no point in dragging an email with fluff, get straight to the point. Bullet points work well if you have important questions

DO: Remember Some Things are Safer Kept Private

“Oh, you just got back from your buddies bachelor party in Las Vegas? Oh, you want to email me those pictures?”

DON’T: Abbrv8… I Mean, Abbreviate

“thx” and “lol” or “c u r @ wrk l8r” should never cross your mind when emailing at work .

DON’T: !!!!!!!!!

Overuse of exclamation points, or the dreaded “caps lock email” as yelling.

DON’T: :) or :(

The use of emoticons is not appropriate in work place

DON’T: Send the One Word “Okay” or “Thanks” Response

Really annoying! We all want to cut down on the amount of email we get.

DON’T: Use the Reply All Button at Will

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