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Do You Know Your Work Values?

What do you value? Your values can be demonstrated by your choices. Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong values; rather it is a process of identifying what matters most to you. Understanding your values will help you think about where and how you want to work.

  • Achievement/Advancement: With dedication and hard work, there is opportunity to “move up”

  • Adventure: Enjoy risk-taking; experiencing new and novel situations

  • Balance: Personal and work life in proper perspective, with time for both

  • Competence: The ability to demonstrate a high degree of expertise, mastery of job skills, knowledge

  • Competition: Enjoy rivalry, competitiveness, don’t mind “the struggle”

  • Creativity: Generate new ideas, programs, structures or anything else that is unique

  • Efficiency: Organization, order, orderliness, planning, regulation, logicality, coherence, productivity

  • Expertise: Where others recognize my skill and begin to ask for my advice as an “expert” on a subject

  • Flexibility/flexible hours: The ability to get work done, regardless of location or hours

  • Fun: Enjoying my work; culture/environment is light

  • Help/Concern for Others: Helping other people in a direct way, either individually or impacting a system

  • High Income: Choosing an occupation in which I could expect to earn a high salary

  • Independence: Determine the nature of my work without significant direction from others; being empowered and having the flexibility to make decisions

  • Intellectual Stimulation: Doing work that keeps my mind active and forces me to think about complex concepts

  • Job Security: Feeling safe that my job will always be there

  • Learning: Being able to continually learn new skills and acquire new knowledge and understanding

  • Make a Difference: Knowing that the world is a better place because of the work I do

  • Collegiality: Working with people I like; wanting people I work with to like me

  • Prestige: Doing work that others consider important; people will respect me and look up to me because of my occupation

  • Time for Family/Self: Having enough time for myself and my family; work/life integration